Choosing a truck for your relocation isn’t that of a challenge. Most moving service providers offer the assistance and knowledge you need to make the most ideal choice for your move. However, it is best that you are aware of your options beforehand, as this will serve as your guide prior to your move. With that, let’s dive into the different moving trucks you might need.

8 ft. Pickup Trucks

Pick-up trucks are the smallest transporting option that is capable of moving single to twin beds with their size. These are the most affordable options for students and singles who don’t have a lot of boxes to load and move.

Cargo Vans

The second to the smallest transporting vehicle are cargo vans, which is a practical choice for mid-load moving. This is more commonly used for local moves and is generally more fuel-efficient. A cargo van can also carry larger mattresses like king to queen-sized ones.

10 ft. Truck

This truck is the ideal option when it comes to cost efficiency, and is widely popular with couples, singles, and students that are moving to studio apartment dwellings. These trucks also tend to have a lower loading dock to make the process easier and faster. However, this doesn’t come with seating.

15 ft. Truck

A 15 ft. moving truck is still a considerably small box truck but is the popular option for homes with one or two bedrooms. It also offers interior seating for 2 to 3 people.

17 ft. Truck

A 17 ft. moving truck is a great solution for transporting a 2 to 3 bedroom dwelling. This is the most efficient truck for local moves that are just within the state or the city, but it is also suitable for one-way long-distance transports.

20 ft. Truck

Ideal for large-capacity moving with a van-like seating inside, a 20 ft. moving truck is another spacious choice for transporting belonging from a 2 to 3 bedroom home. This is also capable of traveling long distances and has interior seating for three people.

26 ft. Truck

Most moving service providers offer a 26 ft. truck as their largest carrier. This truck is an ideal choice if you’re moving from a residence, dwelling, or property of more than four bedrooms.

Some companies even offer van-like seating for the added comfort of their clients, which can contain from 3 to 5 occupants. This truck is not only capable of move large loads, but it can as well tow a trailer.