To ensure a smooth transition, the first move is to acquire the required moving supplies. The following is a list of the supplies you’ll need. This includes durable cardboard boxes. Adding in some protective covers, and also some lifting equipment and specialized packaging kits can be beneficial.

When relocating, you’ll need the following essential moving supplies:

Cardboard Boxes

Of all moving supplies, cardboard boxes are the most fundamental and important. Calculate the number of boxes needed to pack your house using our packing calculator. Additionally, it’s a smart option to store a variety of sizes.

When stocking up, we recommend concentrating on small & mid boxes. You’ll need a few large boxes for both lightweight and bulky items, boxes for your drawers, and more cushioned boxes for fragile items like mirrors and artwork. Here are a few locations where you can get low-cost cardboard boxes.

Packing Papers

Using packing paper is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to protect your belongings when finally packing them to your moving boxes. This ink-free newsprint paper can be used to cover and protect a variety of products, from quality kitchenware and delicate wine glasses. You can also use it for electronics and other small appliances.

Additionally, it can be used to cover gaps and corners of your box interiors for your boxed items to keep them secure during transit.

Packing Adhesive and Tapes

When talking about packaging tape, it’s critical to choose a durable, high-quality product. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting your possessions and boxes damaged. Even in a difficult situation, packaging tape should be capable of maintaining the integrity of a box.

Additionally, it can be used to protect objects packed inside boxes by wrapping packing paper as well as some bubble cushioning around them.

Bubble Wraps or Cushioning

Unfortunately, packing paper is not always sufficient for the most fragile of items. To properly protect your chinaware, antiques, crystals, glasses, porcelain, and other delicate objects, bubble cushioning is needed.

Although bubble cushion rolls are more expensive than packing paper, only a small amount is needed to adequately support your belongings. When an object is enclosed in a packet, the bubble cushioning creates air pockets that serve as a barrier between it and its surroundings.

Scissors and Box Cutters

Box cutters and scissors are useful for a range of tasks on your next step. These are essential tools you need for cutting paper, adhesive, and cushioning, as well as for unpacking and opening these boxes. The majority of people, fortunately, already have these tools. Just keep them somewhere safe yet accessible.

Permanent Markers and Stickers

When moving to a new house, it’s important to have a labeling strategy in place, whether you want to hand-write labels on boxes or use color-coded moving labels. Otherwise, your possessions would be misplaced.

Basic Tool Kit

When relocating, it’s always prudent to keep a tool kit accessible at all times. You can be certain that you can utilize this tool kit for at least one time if you use hardware to reassemble furniture or hang wall art. Essentially, the kit should contain a hammer, screwdrivers, drills and the bits, a wrench, hooks and hanging hardware, as well as screws and nails.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Supplies

Although cleaning supplies are not technically “moving supplies,” they are critical to have on hand prior to and after a move. You will almost definitely need to maintain, clean, and disinfect both the old and your new location after the move.

Maintain a stock of necessities, such as multi-purpose cleaning sprays, paper towels and wipes. This is also an important thing to consider given the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic.