Accessory dwelling units are generally called called “granny flats” or “mother-in-law apartments.” That said, these are second dwellings that are usually located within the same area of primarily residential property.

As defined by Accessory Dwellings, this kind of unit can come in an apartment complex located above a garage. One famous form of an accessory dwelling is a backyard tiny house or a basement renovation.

Given the nature of this kind of property, it can’t be sold or bought separately from the primary lot. This is also the case with condominiums or wheeled dwellings. While some of these accessory dwelling units can be detached from the property, it is still vital for this residence to have a separate entrance and right of way.

Uses of Accessory Dwelling Units

The video below will give you a basic understanding of ADUs.

If your property comes with an accessory dwelling unit, or if you’re planning to have one built, it comes with multiple uses. Here are some of the most common ones:

A mother-in-law apartment

If you are planning to bring an elderly parent into your home eventually, this is a good use for this unit. Among the likely reasons for homeowners to have an ADU on their property is to use it as a dedicated mother-in-law apartment. The ADU’s proximity to the primary residence enables convenient access to their family members while also providing privacy and separation.

A guest house

If your home has shifted into a bed and breakfast residence for visitors, you may wish to consider constructing a separated guest house within your property. That said,  a guest house can provide you with additional space for family and friends, and it will also provide your loved ones with the privacy they need.

A rental unit

Renovating an accessory dwelling unit for rental on your property is an excellent way to generate a passive income stream. If you’re searching for short-term tenants through platforms like AirBNB, or even a few lease tenants, having an accessory dwelling unit on your property enables you to gain additional income without lifting a finger.

A home office

If you have an accessory dwelling unit in your property, then you can easily divide your work and home lives without enduring a lengthy commute. Due to the ADU’s privacy and comfort, many homeowners chose to use it as a home office.

An artist’s studio

If you’re an artist in need of a specific workspace for your practice or your business, making use of an accessory dwelling unit not only saves you money. This is because you won’t have to buy a shop or rent office space. In fact, it also provides easy accessibility to all your works of art and a plethora of inspiration to work with.

Moving into a Property with an ADU

ADUs, or accessory dwelling units, add more revenue or value to your prime property. However, when moving into this property, you should first determine the purpose of this area. Before the moving schedule, do a site visit and check the area for anything that may need repair and the potential use of the area.

Once you’ve determined the use of the ADU, you can then allocate specific furniture and home items to be placed there. However, if you’re too busy to figure out the use of this area, it can serve as the storage shed for some of the boxes of contents that may need decluttering.