Brownout vs Blackout: What House-movers Need to Know

At some point, we might have experienced a blackout or a brownout, but it’s a bit difficult telling the difference between brownout and blackout. Having a power outage on your first day in your new home or on moving day is something that no house mover wants to experience. Here is what you need to know about these power failures and what causes them.
What Is a Brownout?
Brownout is a type of power outage where the electricity doesn’t go out completely, but there’s a significant drop in the voltage. When a brownout occurs, you can see that the …

Moving Basics: Filing a Complaint

There are many variables at play on your scheduled day to move, but forcing your employed moving company to provide substandard service is not one of them—and it is not something you should consider.  These moving services can get expensive, especially if you’re moving outside your state, or if you’re purchasing a full-service package.
With that, as in any service, if you did not receive the value you paid for, it’s important for you to start investigating your options. That means preparing to possibly file a lawsuit in this instance.
Here are among the most common of situations that necessitate filing a …

Moving Basics: Trucks for Your Relocation

Choosing a truck for your relocation isn’t that of a challenge. Most moving service providers offer the assistance and knowledge you need to make the most ideal choice for your move. However, it is best that you are aware of your options beforehand, as this will serve as your guide prior to your move. With that, let’s dive into the different moving trucks you might need.
8 ft. Pickup Trucks
Pick-up trucks are the smallest transporting option that is capable of moving single to twin beds with their size. These are the most affordable options for students and singles who don’t have a lot of boxes to load and move.

Moving Basics: Supplies You Need

To ensure a smooth transition, the first move is to acquire the required moving supplies. The following is a list of the supplies you’ll need. This includes durable cardboard boxes. Adding in some protective covers, and also some lifting equipment and specialized packaging kits can be beneficial.
When relocating, you’ll need the following essential moving supplies:
Cardboard Boxes
Of all moving supplies, cardboard boxes are the most fundamental and important. Calculate the number of boxes needed to pack your house using our packing calculator. Additionally, it’s a smart option to store a variety of …

Moving Basics: 6 Ways to Downsize

Knowing that you can survive with fewer possessions is one thing. The challenge of actually getting rid of a substantial portion of your possessions is another. Only you can decide what you cannot do without, but the following suggestions can assist you in making an educated choice.
Go through Each Room
According to statistics, an average American owns up to 300,000 items. When you consider the scope of what you have to go through, it’s understandable that you’d be stumped as to where to begin. Instead of rolling up …

Moving Basics: Pet Shipping Services

Given how stressful moving can be, it makes sense to keep the process as quick as possible. When it comes to the relocation of your pets, hiring a transport company with a special pet shipping service might be appropriate. These professionals can not only transport your pet but can also help with paperwork, vaccinations, and customs clearance.
What Are the Pet Shipping Services’ Purposes?
At their most basic level, pet shipping services transport your pet between points A and B via shuttle, air, or a combination of the two. You may either share a ride with other animals or pay for private transportation.
Your …

Moving Basics: Packing Paper as an Essential

Prior to beginning the packing process, you have to double-check if you have all of the moving supplies you need on hand. This should involve packaging material which is a critical moving supply. The good thing is that packing paper is reasonably priced and relatively simple to use for the activity.
Using wrapping paper to wrap fragile stuff is one of the most effective and foolproof ways to protect your property. Additionally, you can reuse old paper and newsprints for your next pass, which will save you money over time due to its longevity.
If you prefer to discard it, it’s generally helpful how packing paper is 100% …