House Movers is one of the leading reliable service providers for property transports and online real estate. We had our early beginnings in 1999 where we made our roots in our local community by providing simple yet effective means for transport. Eventually, we were able to help provide assistance for local, long-distance, and even international transfers.

We have an exquisite network of movers, manpower, storage facilities, as well as partnerships with truck rental companies that are considered among the most trusted in the industry. This reputation, we owe to our dedication to quality which demands that all member companies be properly licensed and insured.

Whether you need more time for research, on a budget, or on crunch time trying to work with a moving schedule, we at House Movers have the adequate tools and resources to get you through the process.

What Services Do We Offer?

Quotations for Moving, Transfer, and Rentals

With our Quick Quote System, you can have a rough estimate of how much you are likely to spend on your move so you can prepare for it. Receive free quotes dependent on the scale, path, and timing of your step. Our estimates cover all types and sizes of moves.

We can even help you find a moving company that is nearest and most available to provide the service. We have the largest database of movers in the country, so we can guarantee you all the assistance you need.

Truck Rentals

We have various truck sizes, as well as moving accessories, to help you with your move and transfers. You may even avail of exclusive discounts if you actively avail of our services or refer clients to us.


If you are in need of storage facilities in any city, state, or vicinity, we can offer you quick results using our database. This information will show which ones are nearest to your house, what the features of these facilities are, and if there are any special offers or features made available. You also get free quotations for these services.

Moving Supplies

You no longer have to worry about where to get your handling and packing items before your every move. Save time and money by purchasing boxes, shipping products, and other moving supplies directly from suppliers, including pre-packaged moving kits. We have a shop you can scan through for everything else you might need, and we can deliver them directly to your door.