Given how stressful moving can be, it makes sense to keep the process as quick as possible. When it comes to the relocation of your pets, hiring a transport company with a special pet shipping service might be appropriate. These professionals can not only transport your pet but can also help with paperwork, vaccinations, and customs clearance.

What Are the Pet Shipping Services’ Purposes?

At their most basic level, pet shipping services transport your pet between points A and B via shuttle, air, or a combination of the two. You may either share a ride with other animals or pay for private transportation.

Your pet will then be transported in a carrier that’s approved by the USDA. This ensures that they get clean water, receive prescription drugs, and eat on a scheduled basis.

However, it is not what these companies would sell. They act as the travel agents to work for you, ensuring that all paperwork is in order prior to your departure, which is crucial when relocating abroad. They will arrange for your pet to obtain the USDA-required health certification for interstate travel, as well as any vaccinations he will need in his new home.

If you’re moving to another country, a pet shipping service can book flights, arrange for necessary quarantines, and accompany your pet through customs, evaluations, and other paperwork.

When Is It Appropriate to Use One?

Most pet owners believe they are capable of driving their pets independently. After all, your pet is a family member, and no one loves and cares about them quite as you do. However, given the amount of activity that occurs during a trip, it is often advisable to hire a company whose sole aim is to transport your pet.

Here are two situations in which hiring a pet transportation company is superior to self-transporting your pet:

It’s going to be a long ride

Let’s face it – when you’re relocating around the country, you have a lot on your mind. You can overlook taking breaks or administering medication to your pet. It’s also easy to misplace a pet toy in a car filled with possessions, and if your realtor or mover calls to inform you of updates, your pet can pick up on your anxiety, making him even more nervous than he already is.

Rather than spending days driving alongside you, your pet is likely to be more comfortable and calm when traveling with a pet shipping service. You’ll have one less concern as he receives frequent breaks and meals. Additionally, you can save time by not having to search for a pet-friendly hotel every night.

Once you’ve taken off

Most pet owners encounter a variety of challenges while flying. When booking flights, bear in mind that boarding and disembarking planes, as well as lengthy layovers, can be stressful. Additionally, if a flight is delayed or canceled, making arrangements for you and your pets to resume your travels together would be difficult.

A pet delivery service will take care of the majority of this. They will arrange for flights, considering any layovers. When a flight is canceled, the service will arrange for a replacement. In the case of a delay, you will be contacted to ensure the safety and security of your pet prior to the flight’s departure.